Friday, 5 December 2014

Poisonous Fevers and Simple Ancient Therapy - Nadipathy

The World is worrying for the new kind of fevers where the scientists in the medical fraternity are worrying and finding a way to treat the fevers and prevent them .Thanks to the scientists for their efforts in find the correct vaccine.

Nadipathy™ Research Foundation has come with a solution that these fevers can be prevented by simple therapeutic treatment by diagnosing with 5 element theory and other specific methods.

A needle on an appropriate time, on an appropriate organ meridian would help and prevent these kinds of poisonous fevers. For anyone, this treatment would take 4 to 5 sittings.

In propagating this Ancient Nadipathy therapeutic treatment, we @ Hyderabad Nadipathy center are conducting a free prevention workshop/treatment for those who would like to get this treatment and be on safe side.

Nadipathy ™ and Ayueveda A wonderful preventive treatment for any fevers and especially Swine Flu and Ebola.

Also, we serve freely with Ancient Ayurvedic treatment by using ‘Thippa Theega’.

The method of using is chew the roots, brush the tooth with its stems. have a decoction and drink like a tea. This treatment is also a wonderful prevention for any fevers.

Nadipathy ™ requests everybody tot come ,join and fight to prevent these fevers in an Ancient Indian way. Please donot hesitate to reach us for any assistance in this regard.

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